Veggies at Monnik

You might not think of Monnik Beer Company as an obvious choice for vegetarians. But we found quite a few options on the menu.

All of them delicious.

We started with the war fries and roasted carrot salad.

The war fries are modeled on the Dutch tradition of serving French fries with peanut sauce, mayonnaise, and chopped onions.

Monnik’s war fries were recently named best fries in Louisville

As we munched on these, the crime partner confirmed that, when he was in Amsterdam, French fries were sold right on the street. Small business entrepreneurs fry them on carts, and each order is custom made.

I recently learned that the humble potato has a surprising amount of protein. Paired with the sauces, this was a good little amino acid fix.

Our salad was a tasty combination of carrots, greens, and a compote of cream cheese mixed with yoghurt.

Roasted carrot salad
Monnik shepherd’s pie

We moved on to the vegetarian shepherd’s pie. The bottom layer is lentils and mushrooms. This is topped with stamppot.

“Stamppot” sent us to the internet where we learned that it’s basically potatoes mashed together with greens and, sometimes, other vegetables.

Stamppot is also available as a cheap side dish at Monnik, and it’s gorgeous.

Other vegetarian options include curry fries and pickled vegetables.

All this, and you can also get a microbrew.

Upscale pub atmosphere

The interior is loosely based on a German hunt club


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