Fabulously faux at Red Yeti

Arguably, Louisville’s best veggie burger is in Indiana.

I’m talking about the Red Yeti on Spring Street in Jeffersonville.

Yes, Google maps, it’s easy to locate in normal traffic.

The owner’s sense of whimsy extends to clever dish naming. The vegetarian burger, for instance, is called a fauxhawk.

Served with macaroni and cheese, this is vegetarianism at its most decadent.

The home made fauxhawk is a dressed with tomato jam and avocado. NOT DRY, which is the downfall of many a veggie burger.

I DARE you to add the cheese to this already incredibly rich thing. I double dare you.

My side order of mac and cheese was as cheesy as anyone could ever ask for. And made with real cheese, not a mix. Yes, I can tell the difference.

Now, THAT’S a lunch to comfort you on a bitter winter day.

Don’t worry. There are healthier side options for those who aren’t living dangerously in this moment.

The crime partner’s French fries were also quite good.

The fauxhawk pairs beautifully with a glass of malbec.

Just in case your vegetarianism doesn’t have a straight edge.

I should note that my meal was so filling, I had to box half of it and finish it for dinner. And I am NOT a dainty eater.

Go hungry or go home.

The view from the bar.
The crime partner perusing the menu.
There’s lighter fare for vegetarians.


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