Lunch at Eiderdown

Traditional German cuisine doesn’t offer a lot to vegetarians. When a girl in a dirndl is coming your way with a plate of food, it is usually brat or wurst.

Luckily, Eiderdown, on Goss Street in Louisville’s Germantown neighborhood, is not entirely traditional.

Eiderdown is, in fact, very friendly to its vegetarian customers. A modest “v” appears next to vegetarian menu items.

I ordered the veggie burger, and it was quite tasty, dressed up with homemade pickles and a gourmet bun.

I didn’t miss the meat at all.

A veggie burger should always be, above all things, hearty, no matter the recipe.

Eiderdown’s burger fully satisfies that requirement.

I ordered a potato salad on the side. Eiderdown has put a unique signature on this dish. Made with capers, pickles, and mustard, it’s anything but bland. Not your Church picnic potato salad.

Like other Germanesque bars and restaurants in Louisville, Eiderdown has cultivated a cozy, bricky atmosphere. A little hip and very stylish, but not the least bit uptight.

You can wear your jeans and duck boots here, in other words. And folks were doing just that.

The crime partner is reminding me to praise the spatzel.

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