Vegetarian at Anoosh Bistro

“I’ve made Madiera sauce,” the carnivore said. “When I was cooking in Atlantic City.”

“You’ve never made it for me!” I whined.

He then described a sauce so replete in animal fat, I blacked out somewhere between the butter and bacon.

The Madiera sauce at Anoosh Bistro was absolutely delicious without being that heavy or artery threatening.

This wonderful sauce accompanied my Vegetables Wellington, a tasty selection of veggies, including mushrooms, string beans, carrots, etc. dressed with a puff pastry which was great for soaking up the sauce.

Vegetables Wellington


Flashback: I’d been wanting to try Anoosh Bistro since I learned that the chefs are, themselves, vegetarians.

Their love of veggies is evident throughout the menu, including the fine fish dishes. The carnivore got the halibut which came with a rich array of veggie garnishes. He reports it melted in the mouth.

I had a little trouble talking the carnivore into going so far out of the Highlands, but when he took a peak at the online menu, he got right on board and was hurrying me out the door.

I wanted to pass on the French bread, served with a dipping blue cheese, because I knew I would end up eating most of it. (Yes, I am trying to dial back my hedonism for the sake of my waistline. Yawn.)

But our server recommended the bread and the carnivore was hungry. So I was outvoted, we got the bread, and, as predicted, I dove into it and couldn’t really stop. It appears to be lightly brushed with basil or some other greenery.

We ordered the wine of the day by the glass, and that was not a mistake. The next time I go to Anoosh Bistro, I believe I will get a glass of wine, bread, and a salad.

This delicious and versatile Mont Gravet Carignan, a French varietal, was an excellent value at $6 a glass.

My artichoke appetizer, dressed with purple onions, was delicious. I rarely get such good artichokes anywhere. They were served warm, tender, and awesomely good.

The restaurant interior is stunningly beautiful, but we sat at the bar, per usual, because that’s always the heartbeat of a restaurant.


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