Veg out with Red Top Dogs

If you’re looking for a gourmet meatless hot dog, Red Top Dogs, at Logan and Mary Streets, has you covered.

I had occasion to try the veg-out dog from RTD because they brought a food truck to the recent bike in at Shelby Park.

The hot dog was hearty and delicious. Tofu sausage comes encased in a pretzel bun. There was a surprising crunch that comes, I think, from the fresh vegetables used in the relish.

The veg-out. See ingredients in the photo below.

If you get sticker shock at the thought of spending nine or ten dollars for a hot dog, think of it instead as a three course dinner: pretzel, sausage, and salad. Or just think of it as a one-dish meal, like a pizza.

This is one fancy dog.
RTD has a food truck as well as a permanent location at the old Keswick Democratic Club building on Logan and Mary, where the selection is more extensive.

If you haven’t visited Red Top Dogs, do. There’s food for everyone in the family: meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans. And, yes, you can get a beer. That’s got to be an improvement on your average hot dog stand which is defective right out of the factory if you have to get your cold one at another location, right?

RTD occupies the old Keswick Democratic Club, which has been brought back to life with a beautiful remodel. Architectural history snobs take note there’s lots of old Louisville red brick and a gorgeous counter.

It’s also a great place to play ping pong.

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