Beyond Burger at Shenanigans

It’s officially no longer the age of Aquarius, it’s the age of the veggie burger.

Shenanigans Irish Grille, at 1611 Norris Place, has updated their menu to include the Beyond burger.

Like the impossible burger, the Beyond burger was designed to trick my carnivore mind into thinking something died so I could live. (Technically, a woman my age could live on rice cakes, peanut butter, and water with a multi-vitamin thrown in, but you get what I mean).

The Beyond burger comes with an overtly pink look that appeals strongly to anyone who has ever ordered a real burger “as rare as the chef thinks is safe.” (Okay, guilty.)

And it has char marks for those to whom char marks are meaningful.

I ordered the Beyond burger with a side of Dijon mustard and a green salad. I believe this would be vegan safe if you ask for “no cheese.”

Besides the Beyond burger, there are SO many things to love about Shenanigans. The outside picnic tables are mounted. That means you can sit outside and enjoy your burger and beer year round. Wonderful for people who bring their dogs with them.

The seventy-pound puppy with David Bowie eyes came with us. Staff always ask if he needs water.

Shenanigans is also a classic neighborhood bar, food forward, with a diverse clientele that includes families, couples, retirees, and sports fans.

And they are dog friendly. My puppy has received way too many bacon treats here.

The crime partner is reminding me to praise the beer and beer prices.
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