Support starving artists. Spend your cocktail dollars at Stopline bar.

What could ever be cooler than a full bar that transitions seamlessly into an art gallery and then brings in live music?

Stopline Bar is such a wonderland. They specialize in affordable and clever mixed drinks which you can imbibe at a beautiful bar with great lighting.

The artwork starts in the bar. Armed with a cool, refreshing adult beverage, you will want a closer look at the brightly colored, Warhol-influenced skulls.

From there, you really can’t resist taking the hallway to the main gallery where you are certain to see something you’ve never seen before. Some edgy/young/emerging/outsider artist is always on display here.

This is the Tim Falkner gallery, formerly located in Portland. The new location is wizard. It’s wonderfully central while still giving a boost to a transitional neighborhood.

In addition to the main exhibit space at Falkner’s gallery, there is a network of hallways featuring local and regional artists who are also doing interesting work.

Words can’t really do justice to this place. Stop by and support creativity!

Almost every road in Louisville leads here eventually.
The crime partner loves to stop here after picking up his fresh stop vegetables.

The bartender has a handwritten wine list.


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