Lynn’s lunch special at Payne Street Bakehouse

Okay, nobody has named a vegetarian lunch special after me, but I am patting myself on the back about the bagel lunch I built at Payne Street Bakehouse.

Formerly Nancy’s Bagels, the Payne Street Bakehouse is now a full-service lunch joint with bagels, wraps, salads, soups, and homemade pastries as well as coffee, both regular and fancy.

And plenty of options for both vegans and vegetarians.

Nancy’s bagels are justly famous in the Louisville area, but Nancy has retired and passed the torch to her friend who now runs the establishment under the name Payne Street Bakehouse. Nancy’s name is still on the bagels, though.

They don’t have vegan cream cheese, but they do have hummus for vegans. I got a tomato herb bagel with the veggie cheese, a milky cream cheese studded with vegetables. Asked for onions, avocado, and tomato on top of that with a side of minestrone soup.

Voila! A very filling, healthy lunch that didn’t destroy the planet or my wallet.

I looked around, and everybody was smiling as broadly as they do at a donut shop, but we were all eating a little smarter than that.

Bagels could not be a lot fresher than they are.
The crime partner is Italian, so it was his duty to taste test the minestrone.
His verdict: “Good minestrone.”
He pronounces it to rhyme with “bin a scone.”
Imaginative assortment of bagels and cream cheeses.
This place was jammin’ on a Monday at midday.
Why shouldn’t everybody love this place on a rainy day?
The decor is fun and whimsical, the food is good,
and it’s a healthy and affordable lunch.

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