Return to Cafe Classico

Is there any vegan delight better than a glass of red wine and some really well cooked French fries?

Technically, these are pommes frites, served standing up, with three different sauces. A bouquet of French fries.

This is the way I start any lunch at Cafe Classico, my favorite Louisville restaurant.

Cafe Classico offers a lot of light fare, including many vegetarian options, like eggplant pizza, Saffron Asiago risotto cakes, a Greek salad, veggie pasta, and a mushroom panini. I can absolutely recommend all these dishes, having dined on every one.

On this particular visit, I moved on from fries to Andalusian gazpacho. The owner, Tommy, explains that the creaminess of this soup comes from being blended with French bread, not dairy.

I know white bread isn’t that nutritious, but a fresh slice of French is one of my weaknesses.

Then I split a scoop of strawberry gelato with the crime partner. Light as air, but cold and dreamy. I could definitely taste strawberries.

When you first approach Cafe Classico, you will see the neon sign featuring the restaurant’s name in both English and Arabic. You can assume you’re not in for a cuppa same old, same old.

The other thing that you will notice right away is that the interior is half windows, and always lit up with natural light even on a gray day.

The cuisine is obliquely Mediterranean/European, but the predominant influence is Spain.

This is the only place in Louisville where I know I can get an honest to god cafe con leche (Spanish coffee with milk).

If you’ve somehow acquired the vice of espresso poured over gelato, you can sate that thirst here, too.

If your coffee culture comes from Starbucks, come here to learn what those drinks are supposed to taste like.

And I would be remiss not to note that Cafe Classico has, IMHO, the best by-the-glass wine list in town.


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