Vodka loving vegans, take note of Toast on Market


Toast on Market, Nulu’s premier eggs and bacon joint, also has breakfast for vegans and vegetarians.

If you eat eggs, you’ll be in heaven at Toast on Market. Eggs scrambled, eggs poached in tomato sauce, healthy takes on eggs benedict, eggs wrapped around vegetables. You pick.

Toast on Market’s vegan scramble


If you don’t eat eggs, go for the vegan scramble. I have to say, they matched the texture and color of eggs to a tee. We’re still trying to figure out what seasoning they used to get that perfect shade of light yellow. Tumeric? If you know, weigh in on comments, please.

Does seasoned tofu taste like eggs? This is an important question only if you really like the taste of eggs. After getting Toast on Market’s alternative, I’ve decided I don’t especially miss the taste.

What I like about eggs, it turns out, is the way they set you up for the day. The protein in eggs gets you where you need to go. You don’t run out of fuel before noon. And the same can be said for Toast on Market’s tofu scramble.

So, real eggs? Meh.

The tofu scramble comes, as promised, scrambled with tomatoes, onions, spinach, and almond slivers. It might sound a little exotic, but it was absolutely delicious. You get a choice of potatoes. The tiny cubed potatoes I got were disappointing. Maybe ask for french fries.

Salad in a cocktail glass

The crime partner immediately observed that Toast on Market has a bloody mary menu. This extravagance was not lost on him. He ordered the “gazpacho bloody mary.”

It’s not a metaphor. His drink came topped with a small mound of chopped tomatoes and other gazpacho ingredients.

While the protein in his real eggs set him up for the day, the bloody mary sedated the day in advance. And, turns out, he needed a little sedation before the trip to PetSmart.



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