Vegan’s delight at Dragon King’s Daughter

Crazy Mexican-Japanese fusion with vegan overtones

It was Valentine’s Day. How to celebrate the love of two old hippies, whose affection remains unsullied by having children?

We headed straight to Dragon King’s Daughter, the best Mexican-Japanese restaurant we know of. Also the only Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant we know of.

Dragon King’s Daughter has not marketed itself as a vegetarian-friendly restaurant, but you can easily put together a three or four course vegan meal here and leave stuffed to the gills.

We started out with the seaweed salad, always a delicious staple, perfectly marinated. Then on to the fried veggie gyoza, These are delicacies of vegetables hemmed in dough and deep fried, proving, once again, that anything deep fried is deeply satisfying with or without the animal parts. (Hence the popularity of the perfectly vegan french fry.) The spinach pesto and chili oil really spice it up.

fried dumplings

I moved on to two vegan nori rolls, the spicy tofu roll and the vegetable roll. The vegetable roll is more or less traditional Japanese sushi, and it features pickled radish and squash along with other vegetables I can’t pronounce. The spicy tofu roll is currently my favorite thing at DKD. It has a blended concoction of tofu and spices in the center (very fluffy) and thin-sliced avocado on top. Finger lickin’ good.

vegan nori

The crime partner, who has vowed to give up cheese when they pry it from his cold dead hands, dined on the Japanese eggplant quesadilla. I confess to trying this out and, wow. That’s all, just wow. Now, that’s fusion!

We took advantage of the happy hour discount on wine by the bottle, and got a delicious Allamand 2014 malbec. Our bartender surprised the crime partner with a dessert of handmade ice cream and churro that started out as Japanese cruller and got deep fried and rolled in cinnamon. This confection is the invention of our DKD bartender, also known as our new best friend.

wine sipping


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