Lynn’s lunch special at Payne Street Bakehouse

Okay, nobody has named a vegetarian lunch special after me, but I am patting myself on the back about the bagel lunch I built at Payne Street Bakehouse. Formerly Nancy's Bagels, the Payne Street Bakehouse is now a full-service lunch joint with bagels, wraps, salads, soups, and homemade pastries as well as coffee, both regular... Continue Reading →


Beyond Burger at Shenanigans

It's officially no longer the age of Aquarius, it's the age of the veggie burger. Shenanigans Irish Grille, at 1611 Norris Place, has updated their menu to include the Beyond burger. Like the impossible burger, the Beyond burger was designed to trick my carnivore mind into thinking something died so I could live. (Technically, a... Continue Reading →

Veg out with Red Top Dogs

If you're looking for a gourmet meatless hot dog, Red Top Dogs, at Logan and Mary Streets, has you covered. I had occasion to try the veg-out dog from RTD because they brought a food truck to the recent bike in at Shelby Park. The hot dog was hearty and delicious. Tofu sausage comes encased... Continue Reading →

Perfect pasta at Palatucci’s

Is pasta the most perfect comfort food ever invented? For my money, anyway, a perfect bowl of pasta blows french fries, donuts, and cupcakes out of the water. And that's what I got at Palatucci's when we went there for an unfashionably early dinner on Wednesday night. For vegetarians who eat cheese, there are always... Continue Reading →

A Biblical Lunch at Queen of Sheba

I was curious about an Ethiopian restaurant that would name itself after a minor character in the old Testament. Turns out, Queen of Sheba Restaurant is an oasis of delicious vegetarian food. It is located on Taylorsville Road, past Strathmoor Village. The neighborhood, decor, and service at Queen of Sheba are unremarkable. The food, however,... Continue Reading →

Escape to Asia

"Give me a Chinese restaurant with a full bar any day of the week," said the crime partner. as we approached August Moon Chinese Bistro, passing some well groomed shrubbery and elegant signage. August Moon Chinese Bistro on Lexington Road Inside, August Moon has an impressive, high ceiling decor, rich in natural light. This is... Continue Reading →

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