Dope lunch at Morels

I confess to being a little unnerved when I walked into Morels and saw the neon “future is fake” sign.

I would have said the future is very real food that you grow in your own backyard. Or buy from a farmer’s market or fresh stop.

That said, and setting vegetarian philosophies aside, lunch at Morels was delicious and relatively cheap.

We got two vegan hot dogs with chili and a side order of curly fries as well as the broccoli salad.

Vegan chili dogs and curly fries

Admittedly, I have a bias in favor of fresh greens. So, naturally, I thought the best thing was the salad. If my taste buds are not failing me, it combined raw broccoli, some kind of fake bacon, and dried fruit. It was a gratifyingly HUGE portion.

Huge portion of broccoli salad

When someone can make a really tasty broccoli salad without having to cook the broccoli, I’m impressed. I always resort to steaming and chilling mine. But that destroys quite a bit of the salutary fiber.

Curly fries were fresh and hot. I’ve really never met a potato I didn’t like, unless it sat under the heat lamps too long. Or got warmed up by going back in the fryer.

The veggie dogs were fully up to par though not really unique, and the chili was a little heavy on the chili powder. IMHO, chili should always be made with a fresh minced pepper, and leave the powder on the spice rack.

It was still dope, though. Morels is a true bastion of vegan comfort food at affordable prices. Both the food and the cozy dining area create a little sanctuary for those gentle souls who don’t want anyone to die for their lunch.

And, yes, if you mean that fake leather shoes, bags, and jackets are better than real, if you mean that fake fur is better than real, I can concede that the future is fake.

The crime partner enjoying a vegan meal at Morels

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  1. Please keep posting! I’m a vegetarian that just moved into the Jeffersontown area from Lexington. Your posts are so helpful!


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