Happy vegans at Butchertown Pizza Hall

I can’t praise Butchertown Pizza enough for its thoughtful inclusion of vegetarian options.

There are no fewer than five vegetarian pizzas on the menu. And you can build your own vegan slice with a vegan cheese base.

We settled on the Garden Gobbler, a delicious confection of vegan cheese, two varieties of beets, and greens. When it arrived, I was a little worried about the sparsity of the toppings.

But I need not have been. It was flavorful to the last bite, and the raw greens really add some zest to this dish.

A slice of the garden gobbler at Butchertown Pizza Hall

I’m not a vegan, but it was good to see that our waitress was attentive to the fact that we might be, so she double checked about the goat cheese in our salad.

I love a restaurant that trains its staff to know what’s vegan cuisine.

Salad greens were super fresh, by the way, and the dressing came on the side without having to ask.

I haven’t yet tried the “dirty” vegetarian BBQ chips, but they look promising. If you are vegetarian and jonesing for something with no nutritional value. (Aren’t we all, from time to time?)

The only caution I would offer is to make sure your salad and pizza don’t have overlapping ingredients. Our salad and pizza turned out to have at least three major ingredients in common.

Next time, I’ll probably get the Greek pizza with the same beet salad. Definitely putting this place on rotation.


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