Going nearly vegan at Wild Rita’s

I’ve always loved Rita’s. The stained glass lamps, alone, are enough to keep me coming back. But the excellent guacamole and the bourbon barrel margarita clinch the deal.

So, approaching Rita’s as a wide-eyed, new vegetarian was not that scary. I already knew they’d have guacamole and corn chips on the menu. Somewhere, there would have to be black beans.

After the guacamole, the margaritas and a craft beer, we ordered the braised kale, the street corn, and the starter quesadilla. We also ordered the papas con chipotle which were supposed to be some kind of sweet potato fry, but we ended up getting the calabacitas which is a combination of squash and zucchini.

The calabacitas was kind of unremarkable. It needed to be doused in salt, but we ate every morsel of it, so I’m giving it three stars.

The braised kale surpassed itself. Really well seasoned with tomatoes and who knows what else. It tasted so good, we suspected it was cooked with bacon. But on a second look at the menu, it’s billed as vegetarian.

The corn on the cob was too spicy for my significant other, but not for me. The quesadillas, we agreed, were filling and delicious. Served with chipotle salsa which was a nice complement.

For dessert, we ordered shots of Grand Marnier. Our waiter (bless him) served us a couple three dollar sidecars which kept the bill to around $77 with the tip. Keep in mind I had two bourbon barrel margaritas.

So, maybe it’s not the cheapest place to go as a vegetarian, but we got a delicious meal, left feeling, okay, maybe not like we’d never eat again, but definitely like we wouldn’t need to eat again today.

Wild Rita’s: 4 and a half stars out of five for vegetarians in Louisville, KY.



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